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a.b.art Swiss Made is a watch brand for women and men who prefer unostentatious design. a.b.art is different. a.b.art is authentic. We’re not about glitter and glamour but much rather about sophisticated beauty, low-key shapes and materials as well as high Swiss quality. a.b.art is an expression of the passion and care with which watches are being produced in this Swiss company day in and day out. a.b.art – authentic basic art.

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  • G104 Watch A.B.ARTA.B.ART G104

    A.B.ART SERIE G – G104

    $2.088,00 ($1.740,00 excl. EU VAT)
  • G120 1.2A.b.art Serie g120

    A.B.ART SERIE G – G120

    $2.088,00 ($1.740,00 excl. EU VAT)
  • Hauteurabart g g102

    A.B.ART SERIE G – G102

    $2.088,00 ($1.740,00 excl. EU VAT)
  • A.B.ART G121 Automatic Watch MontreA.B.ART SERIE G G121

    A.B.ART SERIE G – G121

    $2.088,00 ($1.740,00 excl. EU VAT)
  • a.b.art series G G106 blackConteenium A B Art G106

    A.B.ART SERIE G – G106

    $2.088,00 ($1.740,00 excl. EU VAT)