Back in 1959, when Founder CK Woo was still an apprentice, he received a request from a customer to imprint the message “Martha 1959” on the dial of his old Diver watch that he was wearing. He told CK Woo that his wife had passed away and he would like to be reminded of her every day. After several weeks, CK Woo successfully imprinted the words on the dial of the customer’s watch and he referred many of his friends who did similar personalisation of their expensive timepieces with CK Woo. As he thrived upon this trend, he saved up and started his own watch brand in 1970, focusing on producing quality timepieces that are made with meaning. Refusing to compromise on quality and fuelled by a strong passion for watches, Aries Gold now has its own in-house watchmaking team and high-tech machinery located in Singapore, allow them to create made-to-order high quality personalised timepieces in just a matter of days. With its mantra to create watches made with meaning, Aries Gold is now an International brand with an established presence in more